New Study Provides Hope in Fight Against MRSA

A recently released research report by the University of Buffalo finds that there is something contained in human breast milk that helps make MRSA surface infections easier to treat with antibiotics.

Not only does this study highlight how powerful the human body is with its own natural healing mechanisms, it also highlights a potential step forward in the ongoing fight against MRSA.

The research team added HAMLET, (Human Alpha-lactalbumin Mad Lethal to Tumor cells) a complex protein that comes from purified human breast milk, to their test of aggressive strains of bacteria that had grown to be resistant to antibiotics. The test showed positive results when the antibiotics were used with the HAMLET protein.

One of the researchers, Anders Hakansson had this to say about the results, “It sensitizes the bacteria to the antibiotics that they used to be resistant to, so suddenly, you can use the old [antibiotics] again”.

There is still a long way to go in the fight against MRSA infections but it is encouraging to see progress at any level.