September 12, 2013

Our mineral based, light activated, antimicrobial spray coating is very different from the harsh chemicals that most organizations are currently using. We provide a durably effective, ecologically friendly and continuously active antimicrobial solution. The basis for our technology is a nano-scale titanium dioxide/zinc solution that can easily be applied to a wide variety of surfaces such as showers, lockers, weight equipment, hockey pads, football helmets, etc… It will provide long term protection, keeping athletes, coaches and staff healthier and safer.

A New Standard of Clean

Hey NFL Physicians Society, WAKE UP!

Ok, maybe that’s too harsh of a title to use, but read the rest of the article and then let’s decide. I recently read an article talking about the serious issue affecting the NFL. The article talks about how the NFL Physicians Society has sent several newsletters and memos to the league, reminding them to “remain vigilant” about trying to prevent MRSA infections. Players like The Tampa Bay Buccaneer guard, Carl Nicks and place kicker Lawrence Tynes are fighting MRSA, a potentially life threatening staph infection resistant to most antibiotics.

One of the reasons this has become a problem seemingly more prevalent in the sports world,  is because these athletes are extremely sweaty. They are in close contact with each other on the field and in the locker room, sweating on the turf, equipment, towels and a ball that they pass from one person to the next.  Then there are the…

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