It’s in the Air!

Volatile organic compounds or VOC’s can be hard to escape from. They can be in our homes. They are found in common household cleaning products, painting supplies and even DIY dry cleaning kits, aerosol cans, glues and air fresheners. They are found in the air we breathe outside due to smog and other hazardous air pollutants.

VOC’s effect on your health can widely vary from being highly toxic to having little effect at all. Catastrophic damage can occur to your liver, kidney’s as well as your central nervous system if exposed long term to VOC’s.

Studies have shown that it is two to five times more likely to be exposed to VOC’s in an indoor environment. Given this information there are some basic steps you can take to reduce the amount of exposure you have to VOC’s in your home.
1. Remove unused paint and chemicals from your living space and move them to your cities hazardous waste site.
2. Keep the humidity level in your home relatively low. VOC’ exposure is increased under warmer/high humidity conditions.
3. Keep your temperature as low as possible for the same reasons listed above.
4. If you are doing any home renovations, try your best to do so when your home is unoccupied and during a season that will allow for maximum ventilation.
5. Clearly, the most effective way to reduce your exposure is to reduce the amount of products that contain VOC’s in them.

Voc’s are constant threat in our living and work spaces. Harsh chemicals are not the best way to kill or neutralize them. Our NanoTech™ spray utilizes a proprietary water based formulation that is safe for humans and activates with the power of light. The continuous oxidation of the spray kills all components of germs so they cannot evolve.


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