The Goal is Zero.

Today we are talking about Hospital Acquire Infections (HAIs). When a patient goes to a hospital, clinic, nursing home or anywhere that administers health care and acquires an infection while being treated it is considered an HAI and it is a major public health problem.

Conservative studies estimate that HAIs will claim the lives of 99,000 people this year, they are the fourth leading cause of the death in the U.S. They cost about $45 billion in additional costs. Contaminated surfaces along with poor cleaning practices found within healthcare centers lead to infections like MRSA. Our NanoTech™ Spray provides a continuous reduction of harmful microbes and is effective 24 hours a day and can last on surfaces for about a year.

The point here is that with some basic best practices in place these infections can be prevented and controlled. Cleaning standards, prevention training, transparency and accountability are important. State and federal government are working to make that happen. However, the goal for any healthcare center should be to have ZERO HAIs. We need to work together to make that happen and create a safe environment for health care to be administered safely.


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