This is How we Help Keep Athletes Healthy.

Athletes involved in high-physical-contact sports are at the highest risk of contracting MRSA and other skin infections. MRSA skin infections also spread in locker rooms, showers and training facilities. Training tables, equipment and weights are common touch points that spread infections. But it’s not just athletes who are at risk. Coaches, trainers, staff and health club members are contracting skin infections at an alarming rate.

Americans visit the doctor for skin infections more than 12 million times per year. Our NanoTech helps keep athletes in the game. A long-term solution to controlling infections The incidence of skin-related infectious diseases has been estimated at 20.9% of college sports-related conditions and injuries. Sanitizers only reduce the number of germs on a surface but they do not completely rid the surface of germs. Fungal infections are highly communicable and often passed in health club facilities.

The Top Five factors that lead to the spread of MRSA: contact,contaminated surfaces, cuts, scratches and poor cleaning practices.


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